If you are operating an aircraft out of the San Carlos Airport (KSQL) as a charter operator or as a transient user between August 25th and September 5th, this page has been put together to provide you with critical information related to operational requirements at KSQL.  Please read the following information to familiarize yourself with these requirements prior to flight.
Vehicle Parking
Overnight parking of vehicles without a permit issued by a based airport business is prohibited at KSQL.  Vehicles without a permit will be ticketed and/or towed at owner expense.  We suggest you utilize a taxi, Lyft, Uber or Caltrain to get to the Airport to avoid the cost and inconvenience of fines and vehicle removal.
No vehicles (including rental cars of transient pilots) will be permitted on the airside of KSQL.  Taxi and Limos must conduct pick up and drop offs at the KSQL terminal building located at 620 Airport Way, San Carlos, CA.  Taxi & Limo drivers must utilize vehicle parking spaces.  Staging of vehicles not located in parking spaces is prohibited.  
Terminal Building 
The KSQL Terminal Building is not designed to handle large amounts of passengers.  Please remember that the waiting area and restrooms your passengers are using are a common area shared with the other tenants of the building as well as other charter operators and transient users.  Signs are not permitted in the lobby.  Please help us keep these areas clean.
Public WiFi is available.  
Aircraft Operations
Several NOTAMs have been issued related to ground operations at KSQL.  Check NOTAMs prior to flight.
Airport Staff and the FBO have developed a parking plan  (see the below "Burning Man 2017 - Charter Aircraft Transient Parking Plan") to ensure the efficient use of the transient ramp during the week of Burning Man.  If you are planning on flying to KSQL between August 25 - September 5, please contact Rabbit Avaition or KSQL Operations prior to flight so that you can be properly briefed.  Airport Operations have prepared additional information related to the Airport's Noise Abatement Procedures.  This additional information will provide you with special assistance in complying with the voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures as you arrive and depart the area.  We believe it will make your flight operations easier for you and decrease the impact on our airport neighbors.
Transient Ramp
All aircraft arriving KSQL wanting access to the transient ramp must call ahead prior to arriving KSQL.  This may be accomplished in one of two ways:  
Contacting the FBO in the air on 130.00 prior to arrival
Contacting Airport Operations at (650) 573-3700 prior to departure  
Charter Aircraft should reference the below "Burning Man 2017 - Charter Aircraft Transient Parking Plan" for their assigned parking space.  
If you have any questions about the KSQL or the above information, please call the Rabbit Aviation (650) 591-5857 or KSQL Operations at (650) 573-3700.