CSA 11 customers are billed bi-monthly based upon meter readings for the preceding sixty days.  The bill is comprised of a “Service Charge” and a “Tiered Rate Charge” component. The Service Charge is a flat monthly charge designed to recover costs that do not vary with consumption, such as, meter reading and billing and maintenance of the distribution system. The “Tiered Rate” charge is based on the amount of water used in the bi-monthly billing cycle. One unit (100 cubic feet) equals 748 gallons.

Service Charge:

$28.00 per month for a 5/8" or 3/4" connection
$42.00 per month for a 1" or 1 1/2" connection

Tiered Rate Charge: 

Tier 1 (0-11 units) $2.69 per unit
Tier 2 (12-25 units) $4.04 per unit
Tier 3 (26-40 units) $5.45 per unit
Tier 4 (>40 units) $7.36 per unit


Payment Policies
Your water bill is due 30 days from the billing date. A late charge of $30.00 is assessed on bills paid after the due date. If the bill is not paid within 60 days of the billing date, your water may be shut-off for non-payment. Restoration of service after a shut-off due to non-payment requires payment of the full amount of the bill, plus a service restoration fee, payable in cash or money order. The service reconnection fee is $250.00 for pipes smaller than 1", or $300.00 for pipes larger than 1" in diameter.

New Customers
New customers whose parcels are located within CSA 11 boundaries may connect to the system upon payment of a buy-in charge, service connection fee, and a meter deposit.

Buy-in Charge

Base buy-in charges are effective July 1, 2012 and are adjusted annually on July 1 according to the ENR Construction Cost Index: 

$10,280.00 base charge for connections less than 1-inch in diameter 
$12,850.00 base charge for connections greater than 1-inch in diameter

Connection Fee

Varies from $660.00 to $1650.00

Meter Deposit



You can contact us by:
County Service Area No. 11
Department of Public Works
555 County Center, 5th Floor
Redwood City, CA  94063

(650) 363-4100