Please Use Common Sense and be Considerate to Airport Neighbors

  • Reduce power/RPM as soon as safe and practical**
  •  Avoid flying over homes in extremely noise sensitive areas
  •  Departing traffic use Runway 12, wind permitting
  •  Please consider the noise impact of your pattern flying activities.  If able, fly after 10:00 am on weekend and holiday mornings
  • No touch-and-goes when the Tower is not in operation
  •  IFR departures: Give consideration to your noise impact
  •  Helicopter operations: Contact airport office for procedures
**Most aircraft noise is generated by propeller tip noise.  This is especially true when propeller tip speeds approach supersonic speeds.  Even a small reduction of 100 to 200 RPM can produce a significant decrease in noise levels.

In addition, we ask your cooperation in restricting operations to:

On Weekdays:  No touch-and-go, low-approach or full stop-taxi back operations on Weekdays during the period from two (2) hours after sunset of one day and 8:00 AM of the following day, Monday through Friday; and until 9:30 AM on Saturday.

On Weekends and Holidays:   No touch-and-go, low-approach or full stop-taxi back operations before 9:30 AM nor after 6:00 PM on any Saturday, Sunday or Holiday