Parking Restrictions

The increase of the County's population and business ventures has increased demands for parking. Parking regulations in the County include the following:

Red Curb = No Parking Zone

Some typical applications for a No Parking Zone include installations along streets to improve sight distance, to regulate parking on narrow streets, and at bus stops.

Green Curb = Time-Limited Parking

Time-limited parking is used in some commercial areas in 20-minute, 1 hour and 2 hour intervals.

Yellow Curb = Loading Zone

Loading zones are for active freight loading and unloading only within a reasonable time frame. Yellow zones are NOT intended for parking vehicles with commercial license plates. The effective times of yellow zones vary and are indicated by signs or stencils on the curb.

Blue Curb = Disabled Parking

Disabled parking designates parking spaces for persons with a disability. Disabled parking may be placed in front of private property which may be a residence, business or other (eg. church). Suitable access to private property must be severely limited for persons with a disability in order to be considered for handicap parking.


Request a Parking Restriction Zone

Each parking request will be evaluated based on safety, existing parking conditions of the area, potential impacts to surrounding streets, traffic flow and potential neighborhood characteristic changes (if any). Parking restrictions must be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Below are links to currently approved parking restrictions. For additional inquiries regarding parking regulations contact Road Services at (650) 363-4103.

Fees $69 plus $10/foot for paint and/or signs.

A Map of Current Parking Restriction Zones

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