June 18, 2019

Santa Cruz Avenue Pilot Lane Closure (July 2 - Oct 2, 2019)

The County of San Mateo will be temporarily closing one lane of traffic in the northbound direction of Santa Cruz Avenue at the intersection of Santa Cruz Avenue and Alameda de las Pulgas from July 2 thru October 2, 2019. The lane closure is anticipated to be in place for a period of three months or until otherwise noted.

San Mateo County has been working with a Community Task Force and Menlo Park to evaluate ways to improve traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety and potentially install bike lanes and wider sidewalks on this segment of Santa Cruz Avenue. The temporary lane closure is being implemented to evaluate traffic conditions before, during and after the closure to establish the impacts of a potential long term lane closure.

During the closure, vehicles will be directed to use one north bound lane to access Alameda de las Pulgas and one lane to access Menlo Park bound Santa Cruz Avenue. All vehicles will be required to stop on red prior to making a right turn on to Santa Cruz Avenue at this intersection.

Any changes to this plan will be posted at this site.

Please use this link if you wish to provide comments, questions, or concerns about this pilot project: