Road Maintenance is more than asphalt. Our Road Maintenance Division is responsible for routine and emergency repairs to over 315 miles of road surfaces, culverts, shoulders, drainage facilities, and roadside vegetation on roads within the public right-of-way of San Mateo County's unincorporated districts. Learn more about the County Right-of-Way »

Parking Restriction Zones

  • Red/Green/Yellow/Blue Curb
  • Request a Parking Restriction
  • Map of Restricted Zones
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Residential Speed Control

  • Speed Control Devices & Safety Measures
  • Request a Residential Speed Control Device
  • Traffic Speed & Volume Data
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Road Surface Maintenance

  • Surface Repair
  • Legends & Striping
  • Dead Animal
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  • Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Sidewalk Construction Permit
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Storm Drains

  • Regular Maintenance of Storm Drains
  • Bubble Boxes
  • Report a Clog or Overflowing Drain
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Street Lights

  • Lighting Districts
  • Report an Outage
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Street Name Signs

  • Request a Street Name Sign
  • Standardization of Street Name Signs
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Street Sweeping

  • Route Maps
  • Schedules
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Traffic Signs & Lights

  • Replacing a Traffic Sign
  • Requesting a New Traffic Sign
  • About Stop Signs
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Trees & Roadside Vegetation

  • Roadside Vegetation Management
  • Request Tree Trimming
  • Tree-Related Permits
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Request Maintenance

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Road-Related Permits

Public Works issues permits to construct, improve, work on or occupy the County's sidewalks and roadways. Public Works’ permit types include permits for banners, tree planting and removal, driveway cuts, general excavation, landscaping and others. Residents or Businesses who want to perform work on County streets or sidewalks need a permit from Public Works.

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