Board Reports

June 3, 2008 Board Report - Proposed Increase in Sewer Service Charges for the Ten (10) County Governed Sewer/Sanitation Districts

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May 2008 Letter

Public Meeting Presentations

June 2008 Letter

Timeline and Schedule

June 3, 2008

  • Introduce an ordinance, to be adopted on July 22, 2008, setting the FY 2008-09 sewer service rate at the same level as the FY 2007-2008 rate for the CSCSD, increasing the rate for the BHSMD for FY 2008-09, and setting the rates for the FY 2008-09 for the remaining eight districts as previously set by Ordinance No. 04382
  • Set a time and place for a hearing to consider the sewer service rate increase in the BHSMD and the imposition of sewer service charges in all ten districts
  • Direct Public Works to send notices (Prop 218) of the propose rate increase to the affected property owners in the BHSMD

June 5, 2008

Send Prop 218 notice (45 days prior to public hearing) to property owners in the BHSMD with proposed rate increase.

July 22, 2008

Hold public hearing, adopt Ordinance setting rates, and adopt resolution setting charges based on the adopted rates. A copy of this Board Report will be provided to the known homeowner associations/councils after being approved by the County Manager.