Street Name Signs

Request a Street Name Sign

A request may be made to the Department of Public Works for a Street Name Sign by a resident or a Community Group within the County of San Mateo or by another agency. The request may be made to Traffic Services at (650) 363-4103, email to or by writing to County of San Mateo Traffic Services, 752 Chestnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063. Please leave your name, the street address where you live, and location of street name sign.

For County-Maintained Roads

If both cross streets are maintained by the County of San Mateo, both street name signs will be replaced at the requested location at no charge to requestor. III. Private / Non-Maintained Roads in the County The County will install the first sign on a Private / Non-Maintained road in the County free of charge. If this sign needs to be replaced, the requestor may choose to either: 

  • A. Replace the street name sign by purchasing a standard sign and installing it; or
  • B. Pay the current fee for the County Road Services Division to replace it

If the street name signs are located in County Right Of Way and one of the signs is a County Maintained street, while the other is a Non-Maintained street, the County will replace only the sign for the County Maintained street.

See a map of all County-maintained roads »

For Private Roads in the County

Signs for Private Roads in the County which have a post not located in County Right Of Way may be replaced by the resident with a non-standard sign. Staff from Traffic Services may need to check the location of the sign in the field to determine whether it is in County Right Of Way or not.

Standardization of Street Name Signs

Street Name Signs that are installed in County Right Of Way must follow the County Standard for materials, colors and dimensions. This standard are shown in Attachment A – San Mateo County Standard Street Name Sign, drawn on 6/95.


The current fee to replace a Street Name Sign on a Private / Non-Maintained Road is shown in Attachment B – Ordinance Number 04426, adopted June 24, 2008.

Street signs and post: $562 each.

The fee may be paid in full by the requestor, or divided in any manner among the residents along the Private road. 

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